The Scottsdale Public Library will actively participate in the 2nd Annual Children’s Learning and Play Festival on September 9th, 2017 at WestWorld,  We will again share the library’s mission of supporting early and lifelong learning combined with literacy.  The Library will actively engage families in opportunities that support learning through play. We will address the needs of diverse populations, ages, and interests at our Play-Palooza area where we will incorporate free play, motor skills, and STEAM play activities, leading to learning through the guise of “play.”  Instilled into all of our learning adventures will be an emphasis on reading literacy, as literacy goes hand in hand with all of these “play” areas.  We look forward to a second successful year!


• Marc Brown
• Molly Idle
• B.G. Hennessy
• Juanita Havill
• Tom Leveen
• Amy Fellner Dominy
• Juana Martinez-Neal

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